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               ® Thermal Inkjet Printers



The POLYtij® range of industrial thermal printers offers a range of features including printing with one or up to six printheads, on-line and off line printing and even the ability to print on even and uneven surfaces. You can now do non porous applications never thought possible with poly thermal inkjet technology.

S1 Series

All-in-one printer design for conveyor or web mount printing delivers high quality mark.

S3 Series

Ability to drive 2 independent print heads or stitch together for a 1" tall print.

S2i Series

Easy to use hand held printer, onboard message creation & built in encoder for perfect print.

S6 Series

Flexibility to drive up to 6 independent print heads or stitch together for up to 3" tall print.

S6e Series

Designed for egg printing. Controller drives up to 6 independent or stitched printheads. 

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